„Where attention goes, energy flows“

Personal development with Holistic Bodywork

As I have worked with people and their physical and mental problems over the years, I have become increasingly fascinated by the connections between the body, mind, and soul, and the incredible potential for self-healing that exists within all of us.


I work with a mindful, integrative approach. During our sessions, you will learn through touch, breathing, and movement how to reconnect with your body and release energetic blockages. I will teach you how to use tools to actively influence your symptoms, allowing you to better understand your body with each session and actively contribute to your personal development.


By learning how to listen to your body and actively work with it, you can create space for rest, strength, trust, and regeneration. This brings your heart, brain, body, and mind back into balance.

Holistic Bodywork Berlin Mitte

I can help with the following symptoms:

Back pain, Migraines, Tension, PMS, Anxiety,
Sleeping trouble, Setting boundaries, Indecision,
Working with scars

Duration and costs

First session (90 minutes): 140€

Follow-up session (60 minutes): 95€


Sessions are by appointment only, and I am also available for online sessions.

About me

My name is Dorothee Lange and I live in Berlin. I have been working as a body therapist since 2011.

Trainings and Qualifications

  • Three-year training to become a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg method
  • Training in medical Qi Gong and meridian work (Tian Gong Institute Berlin)
  • Several trainings in energy medicine
  • Naturopath since 2017

Arranging an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact me to schedule a non-binding meeting to get to know each other. 


You can reach me via email at info@dorotheelange.de or by phone at +49 152 0846 1993.

Online sessions are also possible. 

Dorothee Lange Holistic Bodywork Berlin Mitte

Give a thoughtful gift as a voucher

A voucher is a great idea for birthdays, Christmas, or simply to say "thank you."

If you're interested, I'd be happy to provide you with a voucher for a single session or for any desired amount.